Special Occasion Surprises.

Today I Learned:

Following a happy occasion in India like a wedding or the birth of a baby, a group of trans women come to your house. They visit under the guise of ‘offering blessings’, but are actually there to collect money.

Apparently in India trans people are viewed as somewhat mystical. The tradition is, in essence, trans people bribing families for money to remain in their good graces, lest they should use their mysterious trans abilities to bring bad luck to the newlyweds or infant.

The more you know.

It seems strangely progressive, in a way, that trans people are respected and feared so?

Also interesting – in India, when it’s your celebration – birthday, promotion, engagement – you are the one who treats. You pay for the dinner, the shots, the bottle of wine, etc. Whereas in my experience of the western world, your friends or family would typically treat you.




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